Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

As individuals, we all have experiences that can shape our way of thinking and being. The question you have to ask yourself is: How can you learn from those instances and what do you need to do to create a consistent pattern of change moving forward? Change starts with each one of us, but more than anything, a willingness to accept responsibility for your actions and implement consistent change has to start with you.

Pre-Event Site Checklist

If you’re a tour manager or CDL driver, it’s important to know how to conduct a site check. Make sure to use this quick checklist to make sure everything is in order before your event.

What Is Your WHY?

We all have our personal motivations for doing the things we do, especially when it comes to work. Figuring out your “why” is essential to staying engaged in your work and pushing through when motivation starts to wane. Once you know your why, find a way to make it personal and unique to you- that’s the key to sustaining motivation long-term.

Recommended Shoe Brands for Executing Events

As an EXP, you understand the importance of looking professional and polished when executing your events. It’s important to know what shoes will make you look and feel your best. So if you’re just starting out in your career, this blog post is for you!