3 Tips for Working with Your Spouse

Jae Davis EXP Working with Spouse“How do you do it?” “I could never work with my spouse—I need a break.” T and I hear this often from consumers as well as fellow EXP’s that we meet. While it has become second nature to us, working with your spouse and being around them 24/7 can be a challenge. As I think about it, T and I are around each other 365 days a year and I find I can count the number of days we spend apart on one hand!

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Let’s face it, this is not easy! It is an adjustment and requires constant compromise and TONS of patience! This has been our life for the past seven years, and we have developed a guide to assist you if you struggle working with your spouse or partner.

We break down our top three tips in the VIDEO BELOW...so make sure you take a look at that. And I have also included a FREE Mixing business with Pleasure guide to assist you!

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