Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

We have all heard the importance of self-growth and development. As individuals, we are forever evolving and looking for ways to grow to become better individuals. How do you identify whether you are growing or are stuck? What are some things you can implement today to change your mindset? Here’s a quick blog that breaks down a few tips to implement.

Growth takes a willingness to evolve. Let me say that again: Growth takes a willingness to evolve. Not everyone is open to change. In order to grow, we must examine our past experiences, or issues, and areas where we can improve individually. People who possess a growth mindset are always looking for ways in which they can become smarter and learn new techniques and experiences. These individuals also understand that you only get what you put in, and in order to advance in life, there must be effort put forth and a willingness to grow and adapt. This will require you to be honest about who you are, your strengths and the areas where you need to improve. If you are not sure where or how to begin, I have included a free checklist of questions you can download to assist you in conducting a self-assessment.  

Have you ever been around someone who always seeks to find something negative to say about someone or something? Or they are constantly looking for ways to justify their behavior or belittle people to appease themselves? People with fixed mindsets believe that their qualities are fixed and that cannot change. They use their intelligence and talent as a way to prove their worth rather than working to develop and improve them over time. These are just a few examples of people with a fixed mindset — never looking to change and having a negative mentality and outlook on life. These individuals have a tendency to hang around people who exhibit the same tendencies and create a negative environment when they come around. If you have been identified as someone who has a fixed mindset, then you have to ask yourself: What do you need to do to change your mindset and are you willing to do what’s needed to change? 

As individuals, we all have experiences that can shape our way of thinking and being. The question you have to ask yourself is: How can you learn from those instances and what do you need to do to create a consistent pattern of change moving forward? Change starts with each one of us, but more than anything, a willingness to accept responsibility for your actions and implement consistent change has to start with you.

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