How to Become a Sought out Product Specialist

EXP Product Specialist Jae DavisMaking the transition from brand ambassador to product specialist is a common route for many EXPs who are looking to progress in the Experiential Marketing industry. I loved interacting and engaging with consumers, so it was a great next step and one which afforded my first tour opportunity. But what is a product specialist and how do you become one?

Become an Expert

As a product specialist, one’s sole responsibility is to become an expert on a particular brand or product. From there, product specialists are hired by the agency and are thoroughly trained on the client’s product, every spec, as well as the key highlights to convey to consumers. EXP’s which serve in a product specialist role are required to learn the specifics about a particular product or brand then articulate it to consumers in a clear and concise way. Events such as these usually occur at retail outlets, festivals, malls, and various automotive events and can involve the launch of a new vehicle, technology device, gaming system as well as a health and beauty brand. As a product specialist, it is important to study and learn the required information about a particular product because secret shopping by the client also occurs. Having a clean appearance and the ability to adapt to various changes in locations is also essential.

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Know Your Role and Responsibilities

Brand ambassadors who make the transition to a product specialist generally earn between twenty to fifty dollars per hour, depending on the agency and the brand. Many agencies also pay a standard day rate. It all depends on the agency’s budget for the program, as well as one’s experience. By choosing to make the transition to a product specialist, one’s role and responsibilities change. They can include but are not limited to:

  1.   Have an outgoing and engaging personality.
  2.   Accurately conveying product information in an articulate way which any consumer can understand and relate to.
  3.   Ability to stand in front of ten or even hundreds of people and convey brand information(if required).
  4.   Become a brand advocate and learn all relevant details and even history about a brand, its vehicle, and products.
  5.   Ability to speak a second language is a plus because one can communicate with different demographics.
  6.   Serving as an automotive product specialist, one must be able to answer all consumer questions about a vehicle accurately and  be comfortable riding with consumers on a test drive.

Is It for You?

Compared to this job, being a brand ambassador is a walk in the park, however, serving as a product specialist is one of my favorite positions to work as an EXP. Because you may be responsible for a vehicle or device, it requires someone who is detailed, organized, and accountable. If you are considering becoming a product specialist, be sure to download my free list of must haves for success!

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