Networking “Do’s” as a EXP

Jae Davis EXP Networking Do's

Last week we talked about the “Don’ts” of networking as a EXP. If you missed that video you can check it out HERE. Now this week it’s time to dive into the…



  1. Do help other EXPs if they ask. Whether they are new or vetted and are seeking advice, offering insight into your experiences is key to the continued growth of the industry.
  2. Do develop friendships with EXP’s who align with your goals and objectives. “You are only as good as your circle.”
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Remember to watch this weeks YouTube Video below to finish off this list and don’t forget to download your FREE resource!

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Networking and finding ways to connect with other EXPs can be tough. However, Facebook has made it easy through groups that are dedicated to assisting EXPs on their journey. If you haven’t, be sure to join the EXP Elite group here, as well as the Brand Ambassador group in your city by simply typing in “Brand Ambassador of (name of city here)” in the Facebook search tab. This will assist you in connecting with other EXPs.

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