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Jae Davis Experiential Marketing Tips for Success

Do you think you have what it takes to successfully work as an Experiential Marketing Professional? While there are more companies and brands seeing the benefit of Experiential Marketing events to increase brand awareness and engage with consumers in a unique way, there are more opportunities to begin a career and (if you desire) move into other avenues as an Experiential Marketing Professional (EXP). However, working as an EXP is not for everyone, and while the event pictures look appealing, an experienced EXP will tell you to not judge an event by its pictures. I’ve provided a few ways to determine whether or not you’re cut out to excel as an Experiential Marketing Professional.


Whether it’s body language, verbal communication, inability to follow directions and event requests, sense of entitlement, or a negative demeanor, exuding any unprofessionalism will result in inconsistent opportunities.  You may be thinking, “Jae, being professional is common sense, everyone should know this.” Yes, while it seems like common sense, for many it doesn’t make sense. As many EXPs can confirm, the ability to maintain a high level of professionalism does not come as easy as it sounds. If you are considering working in the Experiential Marketing industry, your word and ability to deal with rejection from consumers, and to deal with unprofessional EXPs, will be tested. Remember, you are a “Brand Within a Brand” (BWAB), so represent yourself accordingly.

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.Lack of time management skills

What any agency dislikes is an individual who is unreliable, always late, and never organized for an event. If this is something you struggle with now, remember that the Experiential Marketing industry is one of first impressions. If the first, second, or third impression is one of tardiness or inability to execute simple tasks while executing an event, or even returning from a scheduled break on time, then your stock and credibility in the industry will not go far. If you procrastinate on your tasks and wait until the last minute to complete event reports, then this may not be the career for you. Being reliable and early (arriving 15 minutes prior to the start of an event) is essential.

No customer service skills

Having prior experience in the customer-service industry as a bartender, waiter, or in retail, etc., will increase your chances of obtaining work because you have skills that are seen as assets. Speaking a second language will offer more opportunities where your language skills are needed.  If you don’t like engaging with random consumers, and you think you can get by and fake it just to make the money in the industry, be careful. While it may work initially, if you are unable to engage with consumers in a non-invasive way that will create a positive consumer experience, then working as an EXP should not be sought. I cannot tell you the number of EXPs that I work with who, during an initial interview and training, express their ability to interact with and willingness to engage with a consumer. However, when it’s event time and they are tasked with generating a lead or engaging with consumers, they struggle. Not every event will be the same and, therefore, not every consumer will react the same. 

As an EXP, this is where the importance of connecting with consumers, and even sharing your personal experience with the brand, product, or service, becomes important. The success of any EXP is founded in their ability to convey product information in a unique way, a way that connects to every consumer no matter their age or demographic. Having and developing customer service skills is key.

If you have checked every point above and believe you are qualified to begin a career as an EXP, I want to encourage you to read You Do What? To learn the industry and then join the Facebook group in your area to learn of the job opportunities that are available. The Experiential Marketing industry is not for everyone, but those who have been able to make it a career excel at the three things above.

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