Working as a tour manager or CDL driver and don’t know how to conduct a site check? I have included a quick checklist below.

  1. Request the Run of Show(ROS) from the account manager at least 24 hours prior
  2. Review the ROS and ask any and a
  3. ll questions
  4. Upon arriving in-market, reach out to the onsite contact to schedule a day and time prior to the activation to conduct a site check
  5. When conducting a site check be sure to account for large vehicles and assets by:
    1. Checking the drive route prior
    2. Verifying the load in-load out entry points
    3. Walking the event footprint and measuring to ensure it will accommodate all event assets
    4. Collect any credentials from the contact
    5. Ask for an emergency evacuation plan
    6. Receive clarification on staff parking, entry, and any legal formalities
  6. Ensure the venue has provided all resources (power, asset storage, etc.)
  7.  Clarify event hours and identify any consumer causes for concern
  8. Ensure the account manager has provided you with all insurance as well as liability waivers. 
  9. Communicate any changes to the agency or account manager in a timely manner.

If you’re a tour manager or CDL driver, it’s important to know how to conduct a site check. Make sure to use this quick checklist to make sure everything is in order before your event.

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