Jae Davis EXP Tour Life Ohio

DID YOU SEE THAT LIGHTNING?? Driving through a storm in Cincinnati and heading to our first activation day, we caught on film some pretty intense streaks of lighting. Gotta love those rainy days on tour! Be sure to check out this weeks episode below to see for yourself!

Here in Cincinnati we had a full schedule of 8 events…and we lucked out with a room upgrade which made our stay here just that much better! We spent some time preparing for healthy eating for the next couple weeks, and in case you missed my video earlier this week all about Healthy Travel Routines you can check that out HERE!! Other that that we had some repairs to get taken care of on our beloved MUPPET…as well as a fun and much needed DATE NIGHT!!

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Then we were off to Columbus to finish out our stay here in Ohio with a much needed laundry day and 4 more events. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget our stop at Buckeye Donut as well as the great Ohio State! It’s a campus I’ve always wanted to visit so we made the most of it and spent some time taking some photos while there!

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Motor City…Wisconson…and our TOUR WRAP UP!

Be sure and stay tuned!

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